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In the recent years with many popular games like PUBG, Pokeman Go, Asphalt, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto and more gaining the attention with their impressive graphics and game play, smartphones have been becoming more like the portable gaming consoles. Also thanks to the monstrous phone internals. We started spending more and more time on the phone playing games. And to such game lovers, the best companion is a gaming controller / gamepad that enhances the experience to next level.

Why Gaming Controllers?

Now the first thing you would ask. Why should I buy a gaming controller. What’s the issue with playing with touch screen. 😏

Mobile Gaming
Image Source: Geek Insider

Let’s first talk about the drawbacks of playing with the phone in hand.

If you can see the above representative picture, it’s the normal holding position of a phone while playing games. With most of the phones placing their speakers at the bottom (thanks to the craze for bezel less phones), the speaker gets covered by the hand and audio is mostly muffled. What fun to play muted or with bad sound? 

Another annoying thing during gaming are the notifications. We try to clear the notification as its covering up some controls and end up opening the notification. 🙈

And the last being our huge thumbs taking a lot of screen space and covering up the gameplay action. Though the screen sizes are increasing, don’t you agree that a no block view is always the best for gaming. 

Now let’s talk about the positives of mobile gaming with a controller.

The speaker will not be covered with your hand, so better audio experience. Pop up notifications wont be stopping you from playing as they wont hinder your controls anymore. No covering your screen estate with the fingers.

Above these, as the controllers are designed specifically for gaming; the aesthetics are best suited for longer duration and the vibration feedback is an icing on the cake. If you mirror the phone screen to a big monitor, the experience is very much similar to that of a play station/X-Box.

Choosing the Right Controller

There are two main factors to consider while selecting any controller for your phone.

1. Connectivity

The controllers can be of Wireless type (comes with a dongle to connect), USB wired and Bluetooth.

 USB Wired WirelessBluetooth
Pros1. No separate charging required.
2. No connectivity Issues.
3. Plug and play with even laptop/PC.
4. Cheaper.
1. No clumsy cables.
2. Plug and play with even laptop/PC.
1. Totally handsfree. No cables or Dongles.
2. No need of additional OTG cables to connect.
3. Can charge the phone while paying.
Cons1. Requires an OTG cable to connect the USB Cable to the phone.
2. Cannot charge the phone while playing.
3. Limitations of distance due to smaller cable lengths. (Applicable for playing with PC/Laptop)
1. Needs AA/AAA batteries or charging.
2. Requires a OTG cable to connect the USB Dongle to the phone.
3. Cannot charge the phone while playing.
4. Costlier than Wired.

1. Needs AA/AAA batteries or charging.
2. For laptop/PC usage, they should have Bluetooth connectivity.
3. Costlier than Wired.

So if your requirement is very specific to mobile gaming then the one with bluetooth connectivity would be the best. But if you are planning to use it for desktop gaming too, then the wireless one would be a better option.

2. Phone Placement

While playing games with the controller, the factor to keep in mind is the placement of phone. Where to place it? On the Lap or take a stand?

Considering this factor, the controllers can be divided into two types. One with the mobile holder and the other without. Confused? Have a look.

If the controller with the placement of buttons are as per your style and it offers a variant with Mobile holder, then that would be the best one to choose.

The ones with the mobile holder are specifically designed for mobile gaming, hence a clamp. Its easy to carry along and play anywhere without looking for a spot to place the phone.

The limitations of the controller with mobile holder ones are

  • Strain on the hand due to the phone weight added to the controller. So for longer duration you can just remove the phone from the clamp and place it on a stand rather.
  • Famous game controller manufacturers for desktop like Microsoft, Logitech do not provide the mobile holder variants, so have to choose with the available new companies for now.


Mobile gaming is gaining popularity and its only going to increase. With phones becoming more like the portable play stations, gaming controllers / gamepads become a must have accessory for every gaming lovers.

Here are some highly recommended gamepads / controllers to level up your gaming (In no particular Order)

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And if you decide to buy a wired or wireless one instead of the bluetooth one, here are some suggestions for OTG cables.

[amazon_link asins=’B07BFKHC5Z,B073RF5BY1,B0742BBQPG|B01COOQIKU,B0744DYN9T,B00YOX4JU6′ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’iamgizmogeek-21|iamgizmogeek-20′ marketplace=’IN|US’ link_id=’a2e39705-b414-11e8-8aab-e75471062a2e’]

That’s all guys. I hope the article was helpful to decide which controller best suits for you and why. Let us know in the comments below about your views and use the above links to buy the products if possible to help the website.

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