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Terrarium TV Shuts Down !!! Developer says Delete the App Immediately

Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV Interface

Terrarium TV is one of the most famous Pirate app around the world for streaming movies and series. But it is a very sad news to all the movie and series lovers to accept that TV Terrarium is no more. The developer of the app “Nitroxenon” has announced officially that the App has been shut down and wont be streaming any media from Sep 11 and the App will not even open after September end.

Here’s a screenshot of the message showing in the Terrarium TV App as on September, 2018.

Screenshot Terrarium TV Notice

The reason for shutting down the app is still unknown and most probably it is due to the strict surveillance of Anti-Piracy authorities to shut down any services that promote Piracy. To avoid the legal troubles many sites have been shutting down as a preventive measure. Termination of Terrarium TV is also considered as one such incident.

Terrarium TV had various movie and series collection with option to stream from different servers of various streaming quality. The app also had an option to download subtitles of choice for the video playback. The interface was also very clean and easy to navigate. It even has chrome-cast support. Because of all the above reasons, Terrarium TV was one of the go to App for all the movie/series goers to stream all new or old media content for free.

Delete The App ASAP

As per the reports from Torrent Freak, the developer says “Delete the App immediately….I’m just telling the truth, almost every app tracks user’s IP addresses. And if I must hand the info to authorities then I’ll do it.”

Here’s the screenshot of the notification received to many users to delete the app with a warning.

Terrarium TV Warning
Source: Torrent Freak

This might be a cautionary warning to delete/uninstall the app and consequences to the user if the information is really given to Anti-Piracy Authorities is unknown. It might vary depending on the country. It never happened that a user who streamed pirated content has been punished till now rather than the one who uploaded. But as the announcement of shutdown is official and final, its better to uninstall the app ASAP. The IP Address and details must already have been logged anyway but deleting the app causes no harm.

I would suggest all the existing users to uninstall the app and shift to some other alternative apps immediately. I will soon post an article about the existing alternatives to the Terrarium TV right now available. So be sure to subscribe with your mail to be notified. Also share your views about this shutdown. Do you think this is going to happen to all the pirate streaming apps/websites and Netflix, Amazon Prime etc would be the only way left to stream?

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