Firestick Vs Chromecast.... Ultimate Comparison

The Firestick and Chromecast are the best media streaming devices available right now in the market to convert your regular TV into a Smart TV. Both these devices are aimed at different audience to start with and it becomes very important to know about the device usability, before making the purchase decision.

Lets start with understanding some basic concepts/terms on which these devices are based on.

1.Android TV:

It’s a device having an android based operating system with internal storage to install the apps of choice and watch media content or play games.

The operating system of these devices are majorly designed for TV Experience, with curated content on home screen from the supported media streaming apps. These devices have a dedicated remote and operate without dependency on any phone/laptop.

Ex: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Nvdia Shield TV etc,.

2. Casting Device:

Casting is a process of playing any media content on the TV/monitor from Phone, desktop or laptop via the same Wifi Network. The casting device acts as a receiver and streams that content on the TV through the HDMI port.

The apps should have default casting support for this to work. Once you cast  particular content, the source device (phone/laptop) can be either used for other tasks or can be put to sleep. These devices do not have a separate remote and the source device itself works as a remote.

Ex: Google Chromecast, All Cast, MatchStick etc.,

3. Screen Mirroring:

As the name suggests, Screen Mirroring is a process of duplicating the phone/laptop/tablet screen on the TV/Monitor via same Wifi Network.

In this process the video will be seen on both the source (Phone) and receiver (TV), but the audio output is only via the TV. The source screen needs to be ON throughout the process which leads to battery draining on the source device.

All the Android TV and casting devices have the capability of screen mirroring.


FeaturesAmazon Fire Tv StickGoogle Chromecast
Operating SystemFire OS based on Android No OS.
It works on casting media from phone/tablet to TV over WiFi
Internal Storage8GBNo Internal Storage
Navigation1. With Physical Remote that comes with the device.
2. Can be done even through Phone App
No physical remote.
Phone/Tablet through which the casting is done acts as the remote.
PowerUSB power adapter provided with the device.
Alternatively you can use the USB port in TV for its power supply.
USB power adapter provided with the device.
Alternatively you can use the USB port in TV for its power supply.
Installing ApplicationsYes, through Amazon App store provided in the deviceNo, to be installed on the phone itself and cast.
Screen MirroringYes
Popular Apps SupportedAmazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube (3rd Party App), Sony Liv, Viu, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Airtel movies, Eros Now, Es File Explorer, Jio TV (Side Loading) etc
Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube , Sony Liv, Google Photos, Chrome, Polaris Office, Eros Now, ES Filer Explorer etc
Popular Apps not SupportedGoogle Photos, Airtel TV, Chrome
Note: These apps can work through screen mirroring from phone/laptop
Jio TV, Amazon Prime, Airtel TV
Note: These apps except Jio Tv can work through screen mirroring from phone/laptop
Live TVYes with Side loading apps like Jio TV/Redbox Tv etcYes with screen mirroring Airtel TV
GamingThe following are the games that are supported with/without gaming controller
Click here
Note: With screen mirroring, all games are playable
Following are the games that support casting
Click here
Note: With screen mirroring, all games are playable
Gaming ControllerBluetooth controller can be connected to the deviceTo be connected to the phone
Music StreamingYesYes
Screen SaverYes, with Amazon photos or photos on Fire TVYes, with google photos or photos on phone
Volume ControlNo (2nd Gen)- To be done by TV Remote only.
Yes (3rd Gen)
Price (M.R.P)Rs 3,999/-Rs 3,399/-
Pros1. Easy Navigation of Apps and content with the remote.
2. Doesn’t need an external device like phone/tablet to be connected. (Totally Independent)
3. Has Internal storage to install apps and games.
1. Screen mirroring has no lag. Best for gaming.
2. Easy to play any media of choice from phone/tablet/laptop to TV screen.
Cons1. Screen Mirroring has millisecond lag which is not suitable for smooth gaming.
2. No native youtube app support. 3rd party apps have few limitations.
3. Searching content within a app could be painful with the remote (Using remote App is easier)
1. Dependency on an external device like phone/laptop etc.
2. No cast support for some apps like Amazon prime video, Airtel TV and screen mirroring is required (Drains phone battery and may not work well with low end phones).
3. No Scrolling support for media in many apps during casting.

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Both being great devices, there are few things that Amazon Fire Tv Stick does better like being independent of any other device, internal storage, support for apps etc, where as Google Chromecast does better screen mirroring, support for google ecosystem, quick projection of media from phone/laptop to TVs.

So if you are looking for a device to be used at home for watching media content from online streaming apps then Fire TV Stick is the best choice.

And if you are looking for a device for office/work to easily cast media or slides to your Monitor or someone who wants to watch Youtube majorly on big screen then Google Chromecast is the best choice.


Hope this comparison was helpful to you. Do share your thoughts about the device you own. You can always comment if you have any query regarding either of the devices.

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  1. Can I use Amazone Fire stick with Google Home

    1. You want to use for what exactly?

  2. “No native youtube app support. 3rd party apps have few limitations” can you elaborate?

    1. Hi Hari… The Youtube Application on Firestick is just a browser shortcut and not the official Youtube App.So the interface is not great. There are 3rd party apps but they have the same interface as firestick ones and lack options such as switch account, inbox and trending section.
      Casting support is available though which is a relief.

      Overall the Youtube works but not to its full power.

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