Lenovo Watch 9.... Fitness Tracker + Smartwatch for $20/Rs1500

If you are looking for a Hybrid (Analog Type) smart watch for an affordable price, then Lenovo watch 9 is the best choice out there in the market. There are very few Analog type smart watches in this price range that function well and also look good at the same time. The watch is priced at around $20/Rs1500 and has the features of both smart watch and fitness tracker bundled with amazing looks.  The other great looking hybrid watches such as Garmin VivomoveNokia Steel, Misfit Command etc. cost above $150/Rs10,000.


The Lenovo watch 9 comes with a 40mm dial and is 11.2 mm thick. It has a removable button cell type battery that does not need any charging. It can work for an year for moderate usage and can be replaced once it gets drained.

The watch is also water resistant upto 50 m under water (5atm pressure). It comes with a silicon strap with breathable design and very soft on the skin and the hour & minute hands have luminous pointers for viewing in the dark.

The glass on the top is a sapphire mirror glass that is resistant to scratches and the metal case for the watch is very sturdy but light weight (55 gm) at the same time. The watch comes in white and black color variants.

The lenovo watch 9 has Bluetooth 5.0 inbuilt that can connect with a phone/tablet via Lenovo Watch app for further functionality.


As the lenovo watch 9 is not the traditional smart watch with digital screen but with an Analog one, the functionality of it is limited, atleast that was my assumption. But the Lenovo watch 9 has much more features considering its price. Here’s the list of functions,

1. Smart Tune Time– The watch automatically synchronizes its time to the phone’s time through the app without the hassle of manually setting it up.

2. Notification Alerts- The watch has the option to alert via vibration for voice calls, messages and app notifications.

3. Alarm Reminder- Alarms can be set through the app and the watch will wake you up by gentle vibrations.

4. Remote Shutter- You can use the watch button as remote shutter for clicking pictures through the Lenovo App.

5. Pedometer- It as pedometer built in to detect the steps walked along distance covered, energy consumed, speed etc,

6. Sleep Monitoring- It can detect the hours of sleep and keep a record to track your sleep cycle.

7. Sedentary Reminder- If you are planning to be more active and burn some calories, it can remind you to move if you are at one place for a longer time.

8. Disconnect Reminder- The watch alerts you if you forget carrying your phone by identifying the connection status between phone and watch.

What’s Good:

1. Affordable Cost.
2. Stylish Looks.
3. Long Battery life and no need to charge.
4. Notification and call alerts that work really well.
5. Water Resistant.
6. Very comfortable Strap.
7. Multi feature.
8. Remote shutter for photo capture.

What Could be Better:

1. Smaller dial size and might not suit large wrists.
2. The watch is totally unreadable in the night.
3. The step counts and sleep monitoring are not so accurate and can be used only for relative study.
4. The Lenovo app has few bugs.
5. The vibration alert for calls is short and could be longer.
6. Limited app support for notification alerts.
7. Remote shutter is limited to the Lenovo app.

Price and Availability:

The Lenovo watch 9 is officially available only in china. But thanks to the customer friendly global shipping options on the Chinese websites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest etc, we can order and can get hands  on them within a month.

The Lenovo watch 9 is right now available for around $20/Rs1500 on Aliexpress and you even get $4 off if you are a new use, making the effective price to be $16/Rs1200. At this price the Lenovo watch 9 is definitely the best analog smart watch available in the market with so many nifty features.

Other Alternatives

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